An open source tech focused transgender inclusion policy.

Making transgender inclusion scaleable. Because everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

How to make your tech company inclusive.

For many transgender and non-binary people, the workplace is one of the biggest obstacles to their transition. Finding the support in their professional sphere to embrace their true and authentic selves can be life changing. Technology companies and startups today are an amazing home for trans people - because their forward thinking approach to changing the world makes them a welcoming place for people who are not always accepted elsewhere. This is why I have created an open source transgender inclusion policy for Aussie startups, to encourage founders, VCs and employees to make trans inclusion scalable.

Who we are

The policy covers who transgender men, women and non-binary people are, why our rights and our lives matter, and how to relate to us.

Words matter

New terminology can be tough. This open source doc allows you to quickly grasp an overview of the right way to talk to and about transgender people.

Your responsibilities

As a workplace, and a safe space, you have certain responsibilities to all your employees - including your transgender team members!

Your promise

To show your team where you stand, and to make sure they know you'll protect and support them, the policy includes a promise for your company to take.

Meet Joan Westenberg.

Founder | Open Source Transgender Inclusion

I am a Sydney, Australia based tech ecosystem leader, writer, PR and communications lead and proud transgender woman. I have been published in Junkee,, the SF Chronicle, The Saturday Paper, The Big Smoke, Crikey and over 40 other publications. I am the author of an open source transgender inclusion policy in use by multiple technology companies, and the founder of both Tiny Spells, a self-care community and newsletter, and Alt-Arcade, a curated collection of non-violent video games.

Reach out

Any questions? Want me to talk to your team about transgender rights and workers? Want to ask me how to implement this policy?